Sustainable Building, Building Sustainability

About Us

Sustainable building, building sustainability.

BeCurrent - together with ATOM Solar - aims to provide people with sustainable and modern solutions for their homes. Entirely new constructions, renovations or even small modifications to existing homes can play an important role in creating and maintaining a sustainable planet for us and our children. 

The easiest way to get to live a greener lifestyle is to install solar panels onto your roof, carport or even in your garden. This is currently the most cost efficient green energy source for private homes. Solar panels should always be combined with battery packs, since they ensure maximalisation of constantly available energy.

Is there any budget left? Try to combine your panels with a heat pump. Or why not invest in an electric or hybrid car? Thanks to home chargers, people are able to put the free solar energy directly into their cars.

Is there anything more beautiful than using the free energy our sun provides us to power our cars, our homes and our future entirely? We think not!

BeCurrent & ATOM: Our Services

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are able to capture the free energy our sun provides us day by day. This energy is immediatly usable for heating, lights, and even for your hybrid or electric car. If not used, you can store the energy in a home battery.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have an efficiency 3 to 6 times better than traditional heating systems. Numbers never lie: 1 kWh of energy will provide 300 to 600% more heat for your home. They also provide cooling throughout the hottest summers.

Home Chargers

If you plan to buy a battery powered car, a home charger is essential. A variety of models provide us with different charging speeds, different possibilities to monitor energy consumption and even different ways of selling energy to strangers.

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